Multi-Floral Manuka Honey – Mount Somers Station

Multi-Floral Manuka Honey

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Our delicious Multi-Floral Manuka honey MGO40+ is sourced from the upper slopes of Mt Somers Station in the native Beechwood Honeydew Forest and native Manuka stands. Although predominantly Manuka, it also includes pollen gathered from other nearby native species including Kanuka and Beech.

This single source honey is naturally darker in colour, with rich caramel flavours and a smooth creamy texture - perfect for cooking or your morning toast.

NOW AVAILABLE IN SUBSCRIPTIONS - make sure you never run out by selecting one of our subscription offers. If you're giving a subscription as a gift, please drop us a note so we can include a complimentary card with the first order.


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Unfortunately honey can not be shipped internationally and is only available for sale to delivery addresses within New Zealand.